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Brazilian Alexandrite Round , ,

This Alexandrite on offer here is an exceptional Brazilian gem and truely a very fine stone. It exhibits a very strong colour change and is an excellent size. It has been precision cut in a round design and finished with a glossy polish that really makes this a first class Alexandrite gemstone. The clarity of this gem is eye clean but under a 10x loupe there is a very minor veil near the girdle. This alexandrite is very highly recommended for the collector or connoisseur of fine beautiful rare gemstones.

Alexandrite is a most particular gemstone and one of the rarest and most valuable of gems in the Mineral Kingdom and shares the same prestige as fine rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Alexandrite has a fascinating and colourful history. It was originally discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia in 1840 where the deposit was quickly exhausted and only a very small amount of fine quality gems were uncovered. These Russian alexandrites became very sort after and today are almost impossible to find outside of collections. It is believed that the newly discovered gem was named after the Russian tsar of the time, Alexander II. In 1987 a new deposit of alexandrite of excellent quality was discovered in Brazil sparking much excitement in the gem world. Alexandrite is renown for its remarkable colour change characteristic – in daylight and under certain lighting conditions (fluorescent) it exhibits a blue green teal colour and changes to a purplish pinkish red under incandescent and halogen lighting. Alexandrites are also generally only available as small cut stones with anything over one carat considered large. Alexandrite is also hard, being 8.5 on the moh scale making it ideal for all jewellery settings so you can wear and enjoy it every day.

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Weight (Carat)

Length (MM)

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Colour Grading

Daylight / Fluorescent = Blue Green Teal, Incandescent / Halogen = Purplish Pinkish Red