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Burmese Topaz With Fluorite Crystal , ,

Here is one very rare and unusual gemstone. This is a Burmese topaz that has a green fluorite crystal inside. This is actually another gemstone that has formed inside the topaz! How cool is that! This is a really great specimen and would be a fabulous addition to your collection. It is the first one that I have ever seen, especially given the large size and the nicely formed green fluorite crystal inside. When I see gems like this it really makes me wonder how Mother Nature does it, She certainly has all the tricks. If you were really keen and like wearing big rings then this would make a ring of awesome proportions and one that would catch every eye. I highly recommend this topaz to the collector of rare and unusual gems. I know there are folks out there who really dig their inclusions and love looking at them through microscopes, so this is one for you!

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