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Burmese White Spinel Rectangle Cushion , ,

Now here is something very interesting indeed. This is a white spinel from the Man Sin region in Burma. It is a very very bright and lively stone and an excellent size for any jewellery setting. But what really makes this a special stone is that it has three small apatite crystal inclusions inside. These are perfectly formed apatite crystals and when I look at them through a loupe they appear to float as if in space, really cool! I know there are folks out there that are really into their microphotography of gems and very much interested in these sorts of inclusions. I have seen some spectacular photographs done of these and they really are works of art… there is a whole other world of amazing going-ons inside gemstones. On one level this is a great stone for someone looking for a white gem at a fraction of the cost of a comparable sized diamond, and on another level this is a special stone for collectors of rare and interesting gems and microphotographers.


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Man Sin

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