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Ceylon Royal Blue Sapphire Round , ,

This gem is one of the finest royal blue sapphires that you could ever hope to see. Words and pictures are so inadequate in describing such a remarkable gemstone like this. It is a world class, top shelf, royal blue sapphire of the best quality. The colour… my goodness! Let me just say it is stunning in every way. It is beautiful, truly beautiful! It is bright and sparkling and full of life. The facets and sparkle dance around inside the gemstone in a way that you just can’t take your eyes off. The shape and size is perfect for an impressive piece of jewellery art, set in a special ring it will be a setting without equal. If you are looking for something truly special and unique, say for an engagement ring, this royal blue sapphire blows a diamond out of the water! To really appreciate this sapphire you have to see it in person as the pictures do not come close to capturing just how incredible this gem is. This gem is the one!

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