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Ceylon Cornflower Blue Sapphire Cushion , ,

Loose natural Ceylon cornflower blue sapphires like this wonderful gem are truly among the most beautiful of sapphire that you will ever see. They have that very distinctive and instantly recognisable cornflower blue colour which is highly sort after. Ceylon is renown for the quality of the cornflower blue sapphires that it produces and has long been considered the Island of Gems. This beautiful sapphire gemstone has just the right saturation of colour to really make it stand out and it has a brilliance and fire that is outstanding. This is a superb Ceylon cornflower blue sapphire and would be perfect for any jewellery setting you can imagine. They are also very popular for engagement rings and when you see this beauty on your finger you will know why. If you are considering investing in gemstones, high quality Ceylon cornflower blue sapphires of this caliber are stones that you should certainly be looking at.

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