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Mintabie Harlequin Red On Black Opal , ,

This is an extraordinarily rare loose natural Mintabie harlequin black opal exhibiting the highly desired red on black play of colour. This particularly distinctive pattern of colour is known as harlequin and is considered very rare and highly sort after by collectors. It is a beautiful opal in every regard and it is also quite a large stone as well. The play of colour is truly something to behold, it is amazing how the flashes of red, green, violet and other colours come in and out as you move the opal in your hand, very beguiling and absolutely beautiful.  The colours are strong, especially the red and it is right across the face of the opal. This is a superb Mintabie harlequin black opal and highly recommended to the collector or investor. The opal will also be perfect in a jewellery setting, especially a pendant or brooch.

Mintabie Black Opal Natural Freeform King Stone Gems Precious Loose Natural Gemstones 150328



SKU: 150328




Mintabie, South Australia

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