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Tanzanian Tanzanite Square Cushion Pair , , ,

Tanzanian tanzanite is without doubt one of the most beautiful gemstones in the Mineral Kingdom. The rich intense blue and purple hues are magnificent and reminds me of the best grade lapis lazuli, that amazing midnight blue but with brilliance and flash.
Here presented is a pair of very well matched tanzanite square cushions, the details for each stone are :

1) 8.36×8.41×6.24mm = 3.51ct
2) 8.36×8.40×6.32mm = 3.53ct

They have been precision cut and are both exceptional stones. The pavilion is in the Asscher Cut style with a Brilliant style cushion crown. Quite frankly, they look amazing. They are both eye clean though under a loupe one does have a very tiny veil in the pavilion, it doesn’t detract from the overall beauty at all, it’s pretty much impossible to see. The colour is a very good medium-dark blue with some violet highlights.  One has just a touch more violet in it then the other but it’s very minimal, and once set in earrings you’d be very very hard pressed to pick any difference. Tanzanite is notorious for matching colour exactly so finding two so well matched is a rare thing, especially given the quality of the precision cutting and in a square cushion design.

This pair of tanzanite gems is a very special offering and are of the best quality. A very fine matched pair of Tanzanites.

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