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Tanzanian Tsavorite Garnet Marquise , , ,

Tsavorite garnet is one of the rarest members of that Garnet family. It is a type of green grossular garnet and coloured by chromium. It is usually only found in very small stones so anything over two or three carats is considered large. This tsavorite garnet is therefore a monster! It is a beautiful big green tsavorite garnet that has been cut in a checkerboard marquise design. It does have some of the inclusions that are typical in garnets of this kind, much like how emeralds always have inclusions that are typical it’s species. This gem has a nice low profile relative to its length and this would make it perfect for a really great ring setting. It would be a singular piece of jewellery art. This is a very fine tsavorite garnet and definitely one for the collector or those that appreciate wearing beautiful unique gems.

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