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Bespoke Gems by Doug Menadue and King Stone Gems
Bespoke Gems by Doug Menadue and King Stone Gems
Bespoke Gem Designs by Doug Menadue King Stone Gems


Bespoke Gem Designs by Doug Menadue King Stone Gems


Bespoke Gems by Doug Menadue and King Stone Gems

The Beauty of Bespoke Gems

Finding the right gemstone can often be a hard and challenging experience and sometimes, no matter how hard you search, you just can’t find that stone which is the one. Thankfully, the team at King Stone Gems is here to help. In addition to an extensive array of beautiful gems in our inventory, we also offer a very special custom service – BESPOKE GEMS.

This premium and very personalised service is available to you and opens up a whole world of creative possibilities where we can literally cut a gem to your specific requirements. This service is unique in Sydney and Australia and perhaps the easiest way to think of it is like this – what master designer jewellers do with metal, we do with stone. 

The cutting of these very special and individual gems is performed under the watchful eye and skillful hand of master gemcutter, Doug Menadue. You can view many examples of Doug’s exquisite gems on his website here.



Discover the Art of the Gemcutter


It begins with you getting in touch with us and letting us know what your gem requirements are. If you are in Sydney you can make an appointment to come and discuss what you are looking for with us, or if you are outside of Sydney or even overseas you can send the team at King Stone Gems an email or call them on the phone.

We discuss what sort of stone you are looking for, it might be a blue sapphire, pink tourmaline or you might not even know exactly the stone you want but just have a particular colour in mind. With our extensive knowledge of the mineral kingdom we can select the right stone for you.

Choosing the design is the next exciting stage of having your bespoke gem crafted. There are many beautiful designs available for you to choose from, from traditional classics like the Round Briliant, Asscher Cut and Emerald Cut through to all sorts of marvellous modern designs. We can even create a totally new and unique gem design just for you.

Selecting the right design is a very important part of the bespoke process and we can guide you in choosing the best one.  Each type of gem has its own unique set of properties and distinct personality and it takes years of experience to really begin to understand how to make a gem look its best.

Just as a master jeweller spends many years working with and learning the metals, so too does the master gemcutter work with and learn the stones. It’s all about light and colour and how best to choreograph that intimate dance of light and colour so the gem comes alive, making it as brilliant, bright and colourful as possible and creating a scintillating play of facet patterns that is mesmerising and dazzling to the eye. A beautiful well cut gem is something that you will never forget once you see it and it makes all those average gemstones out there pale in comparison. There is a saying in the gem and jewellery trade in relation to gemstones, and it is this – “colour is king“. But I would go one further and say that while colour maybe the king, the cut is the power behind the throne!

The final important detail about your new bespoke gem is the size. We will discuss with you the size of the gem you are looking for. You might be after a gem of a certain weight, for example two or three carats or perhaps you just have a certain size in mind, like an 8x8mm round stone. You might even be looking to replace a worn or lost gem in your favorite ring or setting with something new. This we can do.

A bespoke gem is a very personal thing and is what will really make that special piece of jewellery truly extraordinary. Contact us if you would like to know more about how to have your own bespoke gem cut just for you. We will be very happy to answer any questions you might have about bespoke gems.

Colombian Emerald Round available from King Stone Gems in Sydney Australia

Colombian Emerald Round

SKU #130048
8.2X8.2X4.7 MM

Mozambique Ruby Rectangle Cushion King Stone Gems-150413

Mozambique Ruby Rectangle Cushion

SKU #150413
9.88X7.14X5.58 MM

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