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Mozambique Aquamarine Square Cushion , ,

Here is one of the finest large loose natural Mozambique aquamarine gemstones that you will ever come across. This is a blue aquamarine of the highest quality. The colour is first class and the gem has been precision cut and polished so you know you are getting the very best aquamarine for your money. In the gem trade there is a common saying, “Colour is king”, however I would go one further and say, “colour might be king, but the cut is the power behind the throne!”. Looking at a gem that has been perfectly precision cut and polished is like looking at a brand new Ferrari. You take the time to stop and really look and appreciate the quality of workmanship that has gone into it. This is a superb loose natural aquamarine that would satisfy the most discerning of gem connoisseurs or collectors of fine stones.

SKU: 140120


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