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Australian Zircon Oval , ,

Ah, the “Mud Tank”… now here is a real Australian outback experience. If you ever get to come and travel around Australia, make sure you spend some time on the remote gem fields of the Northern Territory. Apart from the magnificent raw beauty of this harsh landscape, you might be lucky enough to find one of the rare and beautiful zircons that can be found here. It is only a very small area where they come from and you have to work real hard on that shovel and pick. Finding those “cutters” is not an easy thing and you'll have to move alot of dirt, trust me on this. However, if its not looking like you'll be getting there any time soon, luck is on your side because here is a very fine and large loose natural Australian zircon all the way from the Mud Tank in the middle of the remote outback. This is a beautiful natural zircon and stones this size are very rare and this one has a nice rich golden colour. Truly lovely and a real collectors stone.

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"Mud Tank", Harts Range, Northern Territory

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