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Thai Royal Blue Sapphire Oval ,

Thai royal blue sapphires have long been admired and sort after for their brilliance, vivid colour and exceptional quality. Even going back centuries they were coveted and held in the highest esteem by those who traded them. For as long as Thailand has been mining and selling gemstones, the famous Thai royal blue sapphires have been front and centre of the many beautiful gems that come from this wonderful country. This loose natural Thai royal blue sapphire is a gem of the highest caliber and would make a superb king stone. Just imagine it as a gent’s ring, set in a solid gold band – it would be without equal. A Thai royal blue sapphire like this is also an excellent investment gemstone as they are rarely seen or offered for sale in this size or quality. This is one to pay close attention to for it is a very noteworthy blue sapphire gemstone.

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