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Namibian Indicolite Blue Tourmaline Round Brilliant , ,

Looking for a gem of the deepest azure, then this vivid loose natural Namibian indicolite blue tourmaline gem is for you. Blue tourmaline, also known as Indicolite is quite rare and high quality gems such as this one are not easy to find, certainly not of this calibre. This Namibian blue tourmaline has been superbly cut and polished in the classic Round Brilliant design and that makes it very easy for a jeweller to set. The colour of this blue tourmaline is just magic, its a rich, deep and intense azure blue. Very very nice indeed and one that you will be extremely satisfied with. I can easily see this fine indicolite tourmaline set with platinum or white gold, I think they would go perfectly together. But geez, yellow gold would look pretty awesome too. Yes, this is a very fine blue tourmaline gemstone.

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